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  • ● 2020-10-27
    Conservatives win parliamentary elections in Lithuania: prel
  • ● 2020-10-27
    China Cultural Center in Riga holds art exhibition
  • ● 2020-10-27
    Albania ready to open another hospital as new COVID-19 cases
  • ● 2020-10-27
    Interview: Serbia looks to broaden trade links with China at
  • ● 2020-10-27
    North Macedonia ups hospital capacities as new wave of COVID
  • ● 2020-10-27
    Czech Republic to introduce night curfew from Wednesday
  • ● 2020-10-19
    Serbia imposes tougher mask-wearing policy
  • ● 2020-10-19
    Albanian capital cancels annual book fair
  • ● 2020-10-20
    New curbs in Poland as daily coronavirus infections hit reco
  • ● 2020-10-21
    Albania's exports drop 13.6 pct in first 9 months

Voice of Experts

ATHENS, May 30 (Xinhua) -- China's economic recovery after containing the COVID-19 outbreak will help boost the global economy, a Greek economist told Xinhua in a recent interview.

"China's economic growth is the most important source of growth for the global economy," said Vasilis Trigkas, who is also a research fellow at the Belt and Road Strategy Institute at China's Tsinghua University.

Noting that China's economic recovery will be beneficial to the global economy, Trigkas said he believes China will eventually shift toward higher consumption domestically, which, however, might be a long-term process.


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