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The china-ceec cultural cooperation and coordination center has opened in Macedonia.
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Between China and central and eastern Europe (16 + 1) cultural cooperation coordination center 2 unveiling ceremony held at the national library of the Macedonian capital Skopje. The minister of culture and culture, arasosov, said he hoped the "16+1" parties could open the door to more cooperation between the two countries through the establishment of the center for cultural cooperation and coordination.

Allah Qiao Zuofu says, the establishment of cultural cooperation coordination center opened a new chapter in the field of international culture cooperation, thank you for 16 "+ 1" the national trust in Malaysia, support the creation of "16 + 1" in the cultural cooperation coordination center. He said that "16+1 cooperation" is not only an important opportunity to promote the development of traditional friendly relations between Malaysia and China, but also an important opportunity for Malaysia and cee countries to strengthen cooperation and build closer ties.

China's ambassador to Macedonia, Yin lixian, congratulated on the success of the "16+1" cultural cooperation and coordination center. She said that since the establishment of the "16+1 cooperation" mechanism, the spirit of openness has always been upheld, which has maintained the momentum of rapid development as an important part of china-eu relations and a useful complement. It is believed that the establishment of the center will play a beneficial coordinating role in promoting cultural exchanges and cooperation between countries in the "16+1" countries.

On the same day, representatives from the central and eastern European countries in Malaysia, the ministry of foreign affairs, the ministry of culture and the cultural and arts community attended the opening ceremony.

Cooperation between China and central and eastern European countries culture coordination center is based on in September 2017 was held in hangzhou of China - central and east European countries during the period of cultural cooperation minister BBS signed the memorandum, China and central and eastern Europe is important platform for the development of cultural cooperation. The center of the main functions and key activities include in time between China and central and eastern European countries to build networks and communication channels, according to the need to organize experts meeting, encourages open communication sharing of knowledge and experience.

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